Top 3 Gadgets of 2016

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It’s only a couple of decades for the world to be flooded with startups and most of them are going to be technology oriented. This year, we have met tons of new startups that came up with many innovations coming from the smart health-concentrated wearables, VR/AR headsets, 3D printers We even heard of the UberChopper at CES, Las Vegas this year; a private helicopter that can take you 1000 feet off. There were the coolest software startups and an equal amount of the hardware startups which combined are launching amusing gadgets on a regular basis. Gadg8news also provides some of the exclusive gadgets released in India which you definitely do not want to miss. Out of all those exclusive gadgets that have been introduced, here are top 3 gadgets of 2016 that you might want to know about:

LGs Rollable O-LED Display

LG’s Rollable O-LED Display

LG has displayed its 18-inch OLED prototype that can be rolled up just like a page from the newspaper. While the entire world is going nuts over this, this technology is going to alter the perception we have of display screens as the focus gets shifted to the rollable, bendable, curvaceous displays. The company has shown a blueprint as a proof of the concept in last year; but has kept the prototype behind the screens. After an entire year, LG finally is ready to show the futuristic display to the world. Even though Samsung and Sony have tried the same concept previously, LG is going to raise the level of the game by looking at these screens as differentiations for TVs, Smartphones and also tablets. These screens can be rolled up in pockets, wallets and can just me wrapped around flower vases, elevating your interior design and as well as at the autozone sections of your cars. It might take an year or two for the product to be launched in mass; but once released, it’s going to take the world by storm.


Kickstarter’s Oombrella

Going out in the wind or heavy rains? Looking for a good umbrella? Unfortunately, the unreliable umbrellas that are being produced these days can’t rescue us as they either get lost in the wind or break in the heavy rains. As a solution to this issue, the Kickstarter has launched a project that helps all of us the most. Named as Oombrella, it is just a connected umbrella that can send notifications of environmental conditions and sensors straight to your phone. Oombrella is facilitated with a bunch of Kevlar ribs so that it can withstand the wind load and also the heavy rains without any damage. The handle is made of injected plastic, and the sensor capsule is made to be waterproof. One can not only receive the real-time climate conditions but also can retrieve a lost umbrella among the community using an Oombrella.

Withings Thermo

The Withings Thermo

The iOS compatible thermometer can also be synchronized with Apple health and allows you to measure a person’s temperature just within two seconds. You can also monitor the entire health status of your family using your iOS device. The temporal thermometer is made of 16 different infrared sensors that have the ability to take 4,000 readings within a span of two seconds to give the accurate results. After measuring the temperature, it synchronizes with the iOS and helps you in managing the fever by giving you adequate advice.

With progressions like these in every field apart from just the smartphones and computers; the world is going to be a better and safe place within years. Let’s just pray that these advancements don’t create any hazards along with the benefits they offer, and let’s hope for more of them to be launched!

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