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Fallout Shelter Apk

Fallout Shelter Apk is a popular mobile game by Bethesda Softworks LLC originally for iOS devices. The latest version released for Android platform offers lots of updates which have made the game extremely desired one. Installing this gaming app is quite simple. We have shared links from where you can download Fallout Shelter Apk on Androids for free. An action packed cool game to enjoy your relaxing moments! A similar app is clash royale game from the makers of the clash of clans game. We have also shared some cool features of this game with a complete game plan. The latest version of the game offers some stunning features like infinite inventory space and immediate leveling up. The app is available on Google playstore for free.

fallout shelter apk v 1.5

This game is a free to play mobile simulation game, first released for iOS and later in 2015 for Androids. Players get to build a perfect vault, a bright future underground. Variety of mod rooms and an excavation down 2000 feet are involved in the picturesque vault life. Before you download the latest version and get addicted to play it, let’s have a look at some cool features of the game and added features of the latest version. Characters in the Fallout Shelter include enemies or invaders as well your own vault dwellers. Dwellers are also called Vault citizens. There are almost 23 several legendary dwellers you can unlock by opening lunchboxes or by having legendary babies.

Features & Game Overview– Fallout Shelter Apk

Game plan of Fallout Shelter apk will explain you how to play this exciting game. It offers a complete vault life to where you develop buildings and jobs, help other dwellers to flourish and protect them.

fallout shelter apk

  1. Choose from the variety of revolving rooms to create a picture of Vault life out of an underground excavation.
  2. Supervise a community. Know your dwellers and help them find jobs and be happy. You can provide vault dwellers with apparels, weapons and training for some jobs.
  3. You can give a makeover to any dweller in the barbershop.
  4. Turn the useless junks to wonderful objects using Crafting.
  5. Develop a bright future by prospering as vault dwellers are equipped with skills.
  6. There are tons of wonderful things to do at vault life like creating Radio Room, Playing matchmaking and exploring wastelands.
  7. Send your dwellers to explore blasted surface, find new weapons and earn Caps.
  8. There will be dangers attacking the vault now and then. Protect your dwellers from threats within vault and from outside threats.

There is still much more to enjoy at the latest version of Fallout Shelter apk like proper time reflection, new pets, pet house bonus and many others. The game requires you to use your brain to pass each level. Perhaps, this is the reason why Fallout shelter apk seems to be among the top contender of the popular games.

Install Fallout Shelter.apk 1.5 for Androids

Download and save the fallout shelter apk file from the given link. Move the file to your Android phone’s SD card. You can also use Android file manager apps and UC browser in order to download apk file on your device. Android file manager will help you to move apk to SD card, however, it is not mandatory to do it. The game is compatible with Android 4.1 and above devices only.

Browse the file through file manager and install it.

In case, if your device is throwing the warning, then you should enable installation from the unknown sources from the developer option. This will allow smooth installation of fallout shelter apk file. If you are still struggling to get install and download fallout shelter apk file on your device, then ask for our expert opinion. Our team of experts will help you along the way.

There are tons of hot adventurous as well creative games available for Android phones and tables. Fallout Shelter apk stands unique with a wonderful combination of adventure and creativity. Players are given task of managing vault dwellers and fighting the invaders to protect the vault. The features of this game will give you pleasure and fun of both kinds of games. For more fun and interesting android apps and games, you can visit appsverge.com website where tons of free and legal android apks are available for download. LG news room will keep providing all the latest apks and Android news here.